Permission to Suck

Monday, April 07, 2014

I was that girl who would daydream in her Marketing class of working in NYC, wearing dressy clothing and high heels while also living in a loft downtown.

But let's get real - some are lucky to grab those amazing jobs, but the majority, like myself, are lucky to be getting our feet wet in the industry itself.  I read an article in Elle magazine titled, "Fail Fast, Fail Forward."  The article was about our fear of failure and the paradoxes of perfectionism.  As we fear failure, we fail to make changes to our lives hence losing the great opportunities that we could have available.

How many of you have lied awake in bed regretting your mess-ups throughout your life?  The answer  should be all of you!

Going forward into the article, it's ok to question yourself as accomplished women today have done the same.  Mistakes will be made in our career and it's better to get an early start.  It's normal to make mistakes because we learn from them.  What we learn from them will help lead us to our potential success as we ascend in the company ladder.

Another issue mentioned in the article was feedback.  Society is split between either taking feedback in a positive or negative way.  It "sits at the intersection of two innate human needs: "our drive to learn and our longing for acceptance," said Heen and Stone. Overall, feedback is hard to take in but it can have a profound impact.

So ladies, remember, that we have "permission to suck."  It gets better with time so all we can do now is, be patient.  Be confident. And lastly, make mistakes!

Branding: The power of color

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A brand is a term, symbol, design, or a combination of the three that identifies the "idea" of the company and its products/services.  Although a term, symbol, or design is easily identifiable, color is the most powerful branding tool as its a visual component that transforms the brand into an emotional experience, just like a picture.  Plus, it's very pretty.

I have read numerous articles and even in my Marketing classes we talked about what each color's "virtue" and it is interesting to see which words they picked out to describe them - mostly being to how we respond to colors based on past experiences throughout our lives.  For example, the color green is fresh, vital, lush - this is due to how the color green is commonly associated with nature.

The important question to ask is does color really matter?  The answer is yes, because I believe it is through the psychological nature if we are attracted to a color or not. Psychological meaning in relation to personal preferences, experiences, cultural aspects, and etc.  I, for example, love the black, gray, and white colors.  A brand I associate with those colors is Apple, which provides sleek, luxury
products that provide me a satisfying experience.  On the other hand, neon colors I am not attracted to whatsoever and how much color is put into a logo changes my perception of what I think of the brand itself.

Please check out this great infographic on the psychology of colors: Click Here

Listen Up, Ladies

Friday, November 08, 2013

Start checking off this list and rack up some new and fun experiences... Full Story

a work in progress

Monday, October 28, 2013

Heads up, I'm changing the look so there is a lot of things that are not working.

Obsession: Vintage Cameras

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nowadays, everything has gone digital.  Years ago, we had to wait days to actually see and hold our photos (excludes polaroids).  Now, we have the ability to view them instantly.  Although I love digital cameras, I'm obsessed with the look and feel of traditional, old cameras. The whole process of looking in and focusing while simultaneously hearing that shutter sound.  Some vintage cameras might not work but they can be a great addition to any room.  Each and every one of us creates memories with the people we love everyday.  Think twice before placing them in your computer.  Develop your film and keep those memories close by.

Big Fat Greek Wedding

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So right now I am watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  It is a movie about how a Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek man and how the family struggles to accept him.  It is hands down hilarious and lovable.  This movie is also relatable to me as to how I am Albanian and Greece borders us to the south.  Our culture and traditions are similar and it cracks me up every time I watch it.  If you haven't seen it, then what are you waiting for?  If you're ready for a night full of laughter, grab it on dvd and enjoy!

Advertising & Globalization

Friday, September 20, 2013

Advertising has changed the traditional ways of transmitting messages to an audience, a global audience in fact.  From the traditional sources of paintings, music, museums to mass media, like the Internet.  Anything put on the Internet is available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.  With this, many believe that our Western values negatively influence the native values of developing countries.  Advertising is to inform and persuade the audience on a particular product or service.  Global corporations depend on advertisements to promote their products and services in emerging countries as a way to earn profit.  But we all know that every action has a consequence.  Some believe that advertisements educate the public about products that are out on the market. Some argue that advertising pollutes the minds of citizens in developing countries.  In addition, it does not help their economy because it is wasteful spending especially when their poverty level is at an all time high.  In my opinion, advertisements help educate the public about different products, services, and causes. Ads target people that have a need for a product or want to have that product. It is important to note that each ad represented in a different country should follow local laws and in no way manipulate the consumer.  We all aspire to live a great life and I believe advertisements are a way of putting that idea in our heads and to remind us of our goal
to achieve it.
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